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Godzilla Vinyl Wars First Godzilla Sofubi by Medicom

Godzilla Vinyl Wars First Godzilla Sofubi by Medicom

Product description

From Bear Model/MEDICOM Toy. Godzilla: Vinyl Wars is a collaboration between Japan's classic sofubi manufacturers and cutting-edge toy maker Medicom Toy. Each release in GVW is a reproduction of a classic Toho sofubi from the '60s through today, released legitimately for Western collectors for the first time ever. These hand-crafted, hand-painted figures inspired the designer toy movement, and will hold a place of high honor in your collection! Bear Model originally released this classic, 1954-inspired sofubi to adoring collectors in Japan in 2003. Now wearing a more "true" green paint deco and measuring approximately 23cm (9"), this reissue is available in an edition not to exceed 200 pieces!

Godzilla Vinyl Wars First Godzilla Sofubi by Medicom

Item #JUL142354
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AvailabilityPreorder - March 2015
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