AFX Wholesale Policy

1) Account Application:  To apply, please read this entire page and then download and complete the application found at the bottom of this page.


2) Account Creation:  Once approved you will be asked to create an account.  Once complete, contact us with your account email and we will identify your account for wholesale pricing. 


3) Payment: AFX requires a valid credit card to be on file before we accept wholesale orders. AFX will charge the credit card on file, in full, when the order is ready to ship.  At this time we require no prepayment on wholesale pre-orders.  If your credit card declines we will contact you and the order must be paid in full, within 3 business days.  After 3 business days the items will be made available for sale to other AFX customers.  If the items remain unpaid for 30 days, you will be accessed a warehouse storage fee of $50.00, per order (not item).  After 45 days of non-payment, your wholesale account will be terminated.

Please note:  Your credit card information will not be stored on AFX computers,  nor will AFX have access to your full credit card information.  We use the Stripe payment gateway; thus your data will be safely and securely stored on their PCI compliant servers.


4) Cancellations: We understand that you do not want to over buy, but we also ask that you understand that we generally only order what you request. When you would like to cancel pre-order items, we will comply only when we can cancel the item(s) with the manufacturer/distributor.  If we cannot cancel the pre-order item(s) you will be charged, in full, for your pre-order.  Pre-orders are taken as your commitment to purchase, cancellations can generally be accepted within 3 business days of you placing the pre-order.

Warehouse Handling Fee: No increase for 2016. How fees are calculated:

  • Each order is accessed $3.50 + 0.35 per item -and/or- $1.00 per case
    • Ex 1: One case of 4 Boba Fett Busts = $3.50 + $1.00 = $4.50
    • Ex 2: Two Boba Fett Busts = $3.50 + ($0.35*2 = $0.70) = $4.20
    • Ex 3: One case of 4 Boba Fett Busts + two Boba Fett Busts (6 Busts) = $3.50 + $1.00 + ($0.35*2 = $0.70) = $5.20

6) Damage Claims: In order to process a claim for damaged items we require the following:

  • Proof the shipper (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc...) denied your damage claim
  • Required images:
    • Image of the entire item; and
    • Image of the damaged part(s); and
    • Image of the edition number (when applicable)
    • Image of the shipping label; and
    • Images of all 6 sides of the shipping box.

We will then present the case to the manufacturer for credit. If we are able to credit/replace the item, we will require visual evidence that the item was destroyed, however please be careful. AFX will not be responsible for any personal injury resulting from the destruction or attempt to destroy the item.  Without all the information required we cannot request credit from the manufacturer or distributor. It is imperative that items credited not be repaired and/or resold.


7)  Shipping Locations:  We ship form warehouse in Southern California and Northern Virginia.  When you place an order please let us know which warehouse you prefer. AFX will attempt to ship from the warehouse you request but at times it may not possible.  If you do not specify a warehouse we will choose a warehouse on your behalf.


Download the AFX Wholesale Application