Batman vs Killer Croc 2nd Edition Statue

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Product Description

Batman is a noted detective and strategist, and is among the most capable physical combatants on the planet. In addition to defending Gotham City against an array of depraved super villains, Batman serves as a core member and chief coordinator of the Justice League. Killer Croc is among Batman’s strongest and resilient adversaries. Killer Croc originally has an atavistic condition which afflicts him with comparatively superficial reptilian attributes, although further mutations transform him into a brutal monster with dense armor-like scales, heightened strength and reflexes, and a regenerative ability. Croc’s attempts to reestablish some of his human qualities are met with frustrating failure. When battling Killer Croc, Batman offsets the former’s overwhelming strength and durability by exploiting Croc’s diminished intellect.

Product Features

The epic battle between Batman and his reptilian enemy is captured with this new edition of the stunning statue

Featuring an alternate paint deco on Batman's costume to match his modern look

Statue measures 16.5 inches high x 12.75 inches wide x 9.75 inches deep

Sculpted by Ray Villafane.

Wonderful addition to any DC Comics collection

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