Frankenstein Universal Monsters Limited Edition VFX Bust

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Product Description

Universal Pictures’ Frankenstein, released in 1931, is one of the greatest horror films of all time. Boris Karloff’s portrayal of the tormented monster gave us one of the cinema’s most iconic and enduring creatures. The Frankenstein make up team was led by the legendary Jack Pierce, and the Monster’s ‘look’ was meticulously and laboriously hand-crafted prior to filming, in a time before prefabricated prosthetics existed. The flat head, neck electrodes and sunken expression have since become the ubiquitous look of the Frankenstein Monster, whether in serious horror films or parodies of the genre, perhaps because the design is as visually stunning, if not as frightening, today as it was eight decades ago.

Product Features

Inspired by the work of Kenneth Strickfaden, the set designer who created the equally iconic laboratory set for the film, we have added a period style control panel to the front of the maquette

Throw the knife-switch to initiate the sequence and watch the voltage meter dial sway, throw the switch the other way and hear the iconic line of Henry Frankenstein himself, digitally re-mastered directly from the film

The Monster’s neck electrodes can be connected up using the wires and clips, or removed depending on your preference

Turn down the lights and you will see the Monster’s eyes glow eerily, our homage to the early promotional posters for the film where the Monster appears to shoot lightning from his eyes

Powered by; 3x AAA Batteries (Included) or an Outlet Adaptor (included)

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