Red Robin Teen Titans New 52 ArtFX+ Statue


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Product Description

Brilliant and confident, Red Robin points at villains as though saying “I know all of your secrets!” The young hero is clad in his distinctive costume first seen in the New 52, a complex black bodysuit with built-in red armor panels and reinforced boots. On top of that he wears a black utility belt full of pouches, gloves with yellow accents, a red domino mask, and a yellow and blue chest harness that connects to his jetpack and segmented red cape that allows him to fly. Tim Drake’s outfit has a great metallic, glossy sheen that really brings to life his high tech gear, and there are tons of cool details from his defined musculature to the Teen Titans logo on his shoulder, and much more. And despite the cocky grin on his face you know Red Robin means business as he holds his trusty staff at the ready!

Product Features

Featuring the character from DC Comics superheroes, Red Robin

Stands approx 8 inches tall and sculpted in 1/10 scale

Bring this New 52 hero to your Batman Family ARTFX+ Statues collection

Perfect for the casual fan and hardcore collector alike

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