Venom Marvel Universe Play Arts Kai Variant Action Figure

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Product Description

Regarded by some as a second Spider-Man, Venom is iconic as both a villain and a rival to his heroic webslinging counterpart. A popular character in his own right, he has clashed not only with Spider-Man, but also with super-hero team The Avengers!Venom is a symbiotic relationship incarnate: a human host co-existing with a sentient alien parasite, appropriately called a 'symbiote." This figure portrays the ominous presence of Venom through his hulking physique, his toxic color scheme, the web-like patterns stretched across his skin, and his ghoulish, sprawling tongue. The contrast of matte and glossy textures in the paintwork, along with his realistically grotesque maw make him a truly impressive figure. This figure's range of motion is unlike any living creature on earth, and can be posed in wild, contorted ways. Accessories include effect parts that show symbiote appendages reaching out like massive hands, showcasing and accentuating his extraterrestrial qualities.

Product Features

The unsurpassed quality of the paint application and texture is to die for, and a must for all Marvel fans

Features over 20 points of articulation with interchangeable hands, weapons accessories, and stand

Articulated Play Arts Kai action figure stands 10 inches tall

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Brand: Marvel
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